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Deep Tissue Massage 

Deep tissue massage focuses on releasing restrictions of the deeper muscles , tendons and ligaments. 
It is a specific massage which the therapist uses to work on tight tissues and increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the area which then enables the muscles joints and spine to function better and also relieves pain. 
Sometimes deep tissue massage can help to ease off trapped nerves. 
Various movements are used to release muscle tensions, “knots” and painful areas. 
As a considerable amount of pressure is used at times the client may be in little discomfort, however the therapist will try to aim within the client's comfort zone, therefore communication with the client and constant feedback from the client are essential. 
Deep tissue massage is not the massage where one would fall asleep, however a relaxation does still occur as well of a feeling of general well-being after. 
What can Deep tissue massage help with? Benefits of deep tissue massage: 
• Athletes or occasional sport enthusiasts 
• individuals with chronic joint or muscle injuries 
• acute or chronic joint or muscle pain 
• stress 
• individuals that perform repetitive work that cause considerable strain on muscles and joints 
• headache 
• tension 
• muscle and joint stiffness 
• anybody who would like a massage with deeper pressure than the usual light massage 
Deep Tissue Massage
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