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Sports Massage 

Sports massage can be applied at a variety of times, either before, during or after sports, as well as in between events and training. 
In comparison to a normal Swedish massage a Sports massage focuses on certain problem areas and will be considered after a thorough consultation and examination. 
Benefits of Sports Massage are pain relief, breaking up of scar tissue, realignment of muscle fibres, lengthening of muscles, increasing of range of movements of joints and of course relaxation. 
Sports massage can help speed up the recovery from sports injuries and it is also believed to help prevent DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness which is also know to the public as “built up of lactic acid”. 
Sports massage is often followed by stretching the muscles that have been worked on. 
What can sports massage help with? Benefits of sports massage: 
Ankle Conditions 
Arm Conditions 
Back Pain 
Golfers Elbow 
Hamstring Problems 
Joint Pain 
Knee Conditions 
Muscular Pain 
Neck Pain 
Shin Splints 
Sports Massage
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