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Many employers nowadays offer their staff treatments as either rewards for good performance, achieving goals, for their staff's well being or purely to keep the morale up in the workplace. 
Whereas an evening out with the works colleagues is always gratefully taken by employees, having a therapist come into the workplace may give the staff an extra 15-30 minutes instead of/on top of their lunch break to feel appreciated by their employer. 
Those treatments can also help staff to clear their heads during stressful times and ailments such as back and neck pain and other health issues can be tackled or prevented. 
I offer my corporate clients to come into their premises; all I need is a little spare room or a little space in the corner which can be cordoned off. 
I would suggest a minimum of a group of three to come out to visit you and your staff in the office, however, alternatives can be arranged, i.e. discount for your staff on visits to me. 
Terms and conditions to be arranged and agreed. 
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If you are interested in booking a treatment or would like to find out more about my therapies, please contact me on 07718 605501 or click here to complete my short contact form. 
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